Galvanized Lid with Black Pump Double Pack – Mason Jar Lotion/Soap dispenser

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Product Description

Convert any regular canning jar and add some elegance with this high quality lotion or soap dispenser converter. This one piece Galvanized lid comes with a 2 piece black pump and fits regular jars (2.5′ rim – lids are 2-3/4′ in diameter). Black pumps have 6-5/8 dip tube. Just unlock the pump and cut the tube to fit. Place rubber ring on jar, then lid. See other listings for chose of single (1 dispenser), double (2 dispensers) or triple packs (3 dispensers) to match your kitchen, bath, mud room, garage or camper or get. Make sure to fill jar to leave at least a 1′ air space at the top. Do not let water, lotion or soap touch the underside of lid. You need to keep it dry. These will come in 2 pieces and you will need to assemble the pump to the top (screw on top). **These will not work on jars that grocery store sauces come in** ** Jar not included – used for display purposes only.


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