Yule Goddess Winter Solstice

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The Yule Winter Solstice Goddess is embellished with gold tone charms: ‘peace,’ sun, star. She wears a green or red embroidery floss ‘belt’ featuring 2 jingle bells and a gold pewter charm. 2 faux holly leaves and berries. She has gold spirals on a bright red background, glitter accents. Image of face is from the painting, ‘Take the Fair Face of Woman’ by Sophie Anderson Yule • Winter Solstice • Midwinter • Winter Rite • Longest Night December 19 23 The Goddess gives birth to the God, the Child of Promise, who is reborn with the returning Sun. The sabbat is a joyous celebration of family and friends, of peace and love and positive energy. Ancient Pagan traditions are incorporated into the festivities, like Yule logs, gift giving, wassail cups, mistletoe charms, and bringing evergreens into the home or decorating a tree. Colors: red and gold for the sun, evergreen for the eternal presence of the Goddess FREE GIFT with purchase.


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